Residential HVAC Service

Looking through your manual and locating where you think the problem lies will give our technician a general idea and an opportunity to solve it faster. If you have cleaned the ductwork, raked all the leaves around your outside unit and changed the air conditioning filters, and there is still a problem with your air conditioning, it might be time to call A/C Zone. A/C Zone has technicians specializing in maintenance and repair that can give you advice over the phone to see if they should come in or if it's something you can solve. If it's near your annual inspection time, it might be wise to schedule an appointment to ensure there are no leaks or old air conditioning parts needing replacement.

A/C Zone Benefits

Reasons To Call A/C Zone

Your ductwork is making too much noise. The technician can provide proper flexible insulation to fix the problem

Ice is blocking the tube and no cold air is coming from the air conditioning filter and the filters have recently been cleaned. This means your air conditioning refrigerant is low and needs to be re-adjusted or replaced.

The air handler sounds like its making grinding noises. The air conditioning parts could be loose and might be hitting each other. This is when you need to have our technician come in to do air conditioning repair or install new air conditioning parts.

You have not cleaned the ductwork in years or just purchased a home and noticed the ductwork looked like it had "snow" on it – a term for caked dust on top of all the air ducts. This is the time to have A/C Zone come in and clean it all and make sure it's not going to cause a problem with your central air conditioning, if it hasn't already. Make sure they also check all the air conditioning parts to see if anything has rusted or has been slow to operate due to the buildup of dust.

Often times, there are old homes that are purchased to fix up and renovate. Since their air conditioning systems might be ancient, have A/C Zone check out the units and give you an estimate of the damage. It can become costly to replace parts rather than investing in an entirely new air conditioning system.

Properly and routinely cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils, air conditioning filters and air ducts can all contribute to the stability and continued performance of your central air conditioning system.

Professional Tips


Change Your Filters
Change your air conditioner filter regularly to ensure that your family is breathing cleaner air and your system is not being overworked. It could save energy and money!


Keep The Sun Out
By closing blinds, shades and draperies that cover windows facing the sun. Close coverings on east facing windows in the morning and west facing windows in the afternoon.


Shade Saves Money
By planting trees or shrubs that provide shade but still allow air to flow around the unit. By properly shading the area, your system can run up to 10% more efficiently.


Maintain Your Unit
Have an annual home service plan in place and make sure your system is maintained year-round, especially right before the heavy heat of summer sets in.